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Kinesiology - Naturopathy - Health Coaching


Fiona is a registered nurse and highly qualified health practitioner with 30+ years experience.


An educator, herbalist and more recently an aromatherapist and Kinesiologist, Fiona is able to combine her extensive experience as a registered nurse with traditional methods, to ensure you receive qualified health advice in a safe nurturing environment.

Sacred Aromatics

Sacred Aromatics is a holistic health business situated on Sunshine Coast Queensland offering naturopathy, health coaching and kinesiology. These services are designed to diffuse stress, treat the underlying cause of your health condition and empower you with the skills and knowledge to improve your health and sense of wellbeing.

  1. Herbal remedies

  2. Vitamin or mineral supplements

  3. Bush flower remedies

  4. Dietary recommendations

  5. Lifestyle inclusions such as relaxation, meditation and exercise


Are you aware that there can be an unresolved emotional issue which is affecting your physical health?

In order to create harmony in our physical bodies and feel well there needs to be a balance between our thoughts and feelings with our energetic and spiritual parts of our selves.


When we are out of balance we can experience a range of physical symptoms such as pain, anger, anxiety or breathing difficulties.


Traditional Chinese medicine philosophy states our bodies functions are governed by meridians which are energy pathways which flow through your body. In Chinese philosophy, the emotion grief is associated with the lung meridian. For example, people who have difficulty getting well after chest infections and or difficulty breathing often have unresolved grief which they haven’t been able to resolve. Similarly, a disturbance in the liver meridian is often associated with anger.


When a practitioner uses kinesiology we can access the body meridians or chakras to identify that stress connected with an experience and the emotion associated with it and then diffuse it.


Kinesiology uses non-invasive gentle muscle testing to monitor and access information about a person’s wellbeing. Kinesiology incorporates the use of traditional Chinese medicine techniques such as acupressure and meridians with eastern system of energy chakras to re store balance the body on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. It will remove the stress or emotional charge which is stored in the body and manifests as pain, discomfort or fatigue for example.

Do you need assistance to achieve or improve your lifestyle and general health?


Fiona’s experience as a herbalist and extensive nursing background ensures any general health and lifestyle advice, as well as diabetes education given, is reputable and practical.


Clients are given fact sheets to assist them to make lifestyle changes when appropriate.

Naturopathy combines the wisdom of traditional medicine with that of the modern evidence base model of medicine to treat the underlying causes of illness and diseases. The chief principle of naturopathy is to promote healing through the use of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, flower essences and dietary and lifestyle education to empower the client while the move towards wellness.



When you make your first appointment with Sacred Aromatics, you can expect a warm welcome.


Our process includes gathering your medical history through our client history form and asking general lifestyle questions, including general health, diet and sleep patterns, which will allow us to provide you with a treatment program tailored just for you.



Fiona specialises in working with the mind-body connection. She uses kinesiology as a way of accessing the body and the mind. Using muscle testing, counselling, bush flower essences, essential oils, sound and energy chakra work we help to correct the imbalances and enable you to receive clarity while having a more fulfilled life.



Clients with more complex health disorders, Fiona will draw on her Naturopathic experience and medical background to recommend and or prescribe herbal and nutritional supplements to assist you to manage your symptoms while encouraging the body to heal itself.



Traditional health practitioners are not trained to make a medical diagnosis but Fiona’s medical background will ensure that the most appropriate supplements will be selected for you. The supplements selected will be specific to your body’s requirements.




The initial session is 90 minutes which allows Fiona to take a comprehensive health history and then a kinesiology protocol. Depending on the client health complexity this consultation may also include lifestyle and dietary recommendations. Herbal or nutritional medicine of bush flower remedies may also be prescribed according to your health needs and budget.


This initial consultation is followed by one-hour consultation 2-4 weeks apart depending on your health condition.


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