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New research suggests increasing your intake of soluble fibre reduces your risk of Dementia

Well we have all known how important fibre is for a healthy digestive system as well as for its cardiovascular benefits like reducing cholesterol. Now, research is emerging that fibre is also important for a healthy brain.

Researchers found there were differences between the two main types of fibre: soluble and insoluble fibres. Soluble fibres, found in foods such as oats and legumes, are important for the beneficial bacteria that live in our gut as well as providing other health benefits. Insoluble fibres, found in whole grains, vegetables, and some other foods, are known to be important for bowel health. The researchers found that the link between fibre intake and dementia was more pronounced for soluble fibres.

"The mechanisms are currently unknown but might involve the interactions that take place between the gut and the brain," says Professor Yamagishi. "One possibility is that soluble fibre regulates the composition of gut bacteria. This composition may affect neuroinflammation, which plays a role in the onset of dementia. It's also possible that dietary fibre may reduce other risk factors for dementia, such as body weight, blood pressure, lipids, and glucose levels. The work is still at an early stage, and it's important to confirm the association in other populations."

Yamagishi, K., et al. (2022) Dietary fibre intake and risk of incident disabling dementia: the Circulatory Risk in Communities Study. Nutritional Neuroscience.

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