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Kinesiology uses non-invasive gentle muscle testing to monitor and access information about a person’s well-being.


Incorporating the use of traditional Chinese medicine techniques such as acupressure and meridians, Kinesiology works within the eastern system of energy chakras to re store balance the body on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.


Remove the stress or emotional charge which is stored in the body and manifests as pain, discomfort or fatigue for example.


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Naturopathy combines the wisdom of traditional medicine with that of the modern evidence base model of medicine to treat the underlying causes of illness and diseases.

The chief principle of Naturopathy is to promote healing through the use of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, flower essences and dietary and lifestyle education to empower the client while the move towards wellness.


Do you need assistance to achieve or improve your lifestyle and general health?


Fiona’s experience as a herbalist and extensive nursing background ensures any general health and lifestyle advice, as well as diabetes education given, is reputable and practical.


Clients are given fact sheets to assist them to make lifestyle changes when appropriate.

Health Coaching

Australian Bush Flower remedies are liquid extracts taken from the beautiful native flowers of Australia. These flowers were traditionally utilized by the indigenous people who positioned themselves close to or near the flowering trees to receive the health benefits of them. Bush Flowers have become popular in addressing emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem and other issues which keep us from fulfilling our life purpose. The subtlety of the essences can act as a catalyst to promote profound changes in dissolving emotional blockages and assisting in creating a sense of happiness and well being.


At Sacred Aromatics, a remedy is formulated with an essential oil that is tailored to you to promote your emotional and physical well-being.


Fiona offers Bush Flower Remedies as a stand-alone service, or in combination with a massage.


Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Bush Flowers
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