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Christmas greetings

Hello and I hope you all have a lovely break and get to to spend time with friends and family. The clinic will close on the 21st December and reopen on the 4th January 2024.

I will be available for sessions on most Thursday,Friday and saturday sessions. check the calender for availability.

Christmas can be a time which brings up feelings of loniless and grief. particuarly when signifcant people are no longer there in your life and or that failed relationship which left you with shattered dreams. It can also be a confronting time when faced with family and relatives you only see at Christmas. The family are often where our greatest lessons are learnt but also the most confronting.If you feel the need to address a burning issue. Write it down in note form and make a time to come and have a session.

I will be enclosing a $100 gift voucher for you or someone dear to you that you either has everything and or has an issue whether its physical ,emotional or spiritual which would benefit from a session with me.

Zoom sessions are now available,making it much easier for people from all round Australia and or overseas to access neuroenergetic kinesiology and or naturopathy sessions

Sending you all lots of love during these challenging times

regards fiona

please email the details and I can send you a gift voucher as shop feature is not available on booking page as yet

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